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Who we are

Mulhall Construction is a family-oriented company with a focus on ensuring that our city and its residents are fully prepared for any future seismic event. Our aim is to improve the strength and safety of all structures from residential, apartments and commercial properties. We take pride in providing an above and beyond service which is evident in our high standard of work. We are dedicated in maintaining a strong working relationship with the client throughout the entire retrofit. Using our Pre-Construction services, our clients are able to know before they start construction what their projects will really cost. With our vast extensive experience of completed retrofits thus far, we are extremely passionate about helping you minimize the chance of earthquake damage to your home or business.

The Process

From start to finish, we make it our priority to maintain effective communication with the client to ensure the overall project runs smoothly. Firstly, we will organize a walkthrough of your building after which we will develop an estimate. Our customer satisfaction begins with generating this estimate free of charge.
If you have not consulted with an engineer or architect before initial contact, we can recommend one of our many highly experienced design professionals whom we have done numerous retrofit projects with.

The next step is upon approval of our estimate and signature of contract, a plan and schedule is set forth and typically we will begin the retrofit within a month after this motion has been set. During the construction phase, catering to clients’ needs and respect for tenants and neighbors is important to us in order to minimize the inconvenience these projects can bring.

Our goal is to be the leader in ensuring a structurally sound infrastructure that will last for generations.