Polk Street 9 Unit Seismic Retrofit

About the Project

PROTECTION Protect stairs leading down into the basement. Cover all furniture, boxes etc. in basement with plastic. Place thermo ply on floor in work areas in the basement. DEMOLITION Removal of plaster and diamond lath for installation of diaphragm, blocking and shear walls. Removal of ply wood and stucco in alleyway. Removal of vent pipe in basement. Dump fees CONCRETE One grade beam 12 'long 2'x2' plus a 6''x6'' stem wall for shear wall Two grade beams 14' long 2'x2' plus 8''x8'' stem wall for strong walls Bolting down mud sill 100' at approx 50 drill holes and epoxy bolts Epoxy in treaded bar for 16 hold downs and installation of hold downs CARPENTRY Garage - Double plywood shear wall as per plans. Installation of new plywood door and hardware. Garage - 1 - 3'x8' Shear beside garage door Garage- Install shear diaphragm on ceiling and install two strong walls as per plans. Strong walls will be exposed Garage/alleyway - Shear existing walls as per plan 24'. Reapply existing plywood after shear has been inspected Rear Basement -Shear wall as per plans. 46' total Crawl space -Shear wall as per plan beside stairs 8' LINE ITEM Crawl space -Shear wall as per plan on perimeter wall 12' this area has a concrete foundation and cannot be sheared in the crawl space. Propose shearing a 12 ' section of wall perpendicular to the proposed 8 ' shear wall in the crawl space SHEETROCK Apply sheetrock and fire tape to shear walls and diaphragm in garage. Replace stucco with 5/8 type x gypsum board as per plan. ( Note stucco not required) HVAC Cap off vent in basement as discussed with client. Reconnect the other existing vent once shear wall is installed on rear wall in basement. Materials included. PAINTING Paint shear walls in basement and garage/alleyway area. Materials included. ELECTRICAL /PLUMBING AND SPRINKLERS Rerouting of existing electrical, plumbing and sprinklers to accommodate for all shear walls in garage and basement areas GARAGE DOOR Removal of garage door and reinstallation MATERIALS 2x4 Douglas Fur 2x6 Douglas Fur 2x8 Douglas Fur 4x6 Douglas Fur 4x12 Douglas Fur 1/2 CDX ply Epoxy 2 hinges 1 latch Thermo ply, blue tape, plastic Hardware 2 Hdu5 Galvanized Brackets 14 Hdu2 Galvanized Brackets 2 HHDQ11 Galvanized Brackets 2 Simpson strong walls SSW21X 7.4 2 Templates for strong wall 1'' Galvanized treaded bar, nuts and washers 7/8'' Galvanized treaded bar, nuts and washers 16d Galvanized nails 16d nails 10d Galvanized nails 10d nails 150 A35 clips Sds screws STEEL 60 ' # 4 Rebar 40 ' # 5 Rebar 270 ' # 6 Rebar 90 # 3 Stirrups 1' 6'' x 1' 6'' 10 # 4 L shaped 26''x9'' 100 3 '' Dobbie's 6 rolls of tie wire CONCRETE AND PUMP 7 cubic yards of concrete Pump Demo - drywall 5/8" 160 SF - Walls and Ceiling, 3" baseboard 25 LF, wood floor and subfloor 280 SF, haul and dispose Replace - drywall - walls and ceiling, tape, finish and paint place substata and floating wood floor similar to existing one place baseboard Place Carpet Pad 60 SF, Paint 300 SF, Shampoo / Stretch Carpet 300 SF second unit - 202 Repair damaged wall and paint, place carpet pad, strech and shampoo