Leavenworth 26 Unit Seismic Strengthening

About the Project

Scope : Voluntary Seismic Strengthening Concrete and Rebar Extra foundation work 3.5 yards (S-2.0 Detail 3) Extra foundation work 1 yard (S-2.0 Detail 6) Shoring Shoring & bracing at front of building Windows x2 (per plan dated 11/23/15) Reuse and modify security covers outside windows 12 no. 5/8' wet set A/bolts 40 No. Dowel Drill and Epoxy Stucco around new windows Overhead and Profit - percentage 15% Overhead and Profit - Demo / Off haul / Dump Remove Existing Slab Excavate and remove native dirt which all has to be removed by a jack hammer Concrete/Sand/Base Rock/Rebar Concrete 12 Yards Sand 10 Tonne Base Rock 14 Tonne 1 half day for pumping Finishers X3 Vapor Barrier Vapor Barrier 80 No. Dowel Drill and Epoxy Demo / Off haul / Dump Demolition Debris removal Excavation labor only Permit Expediting Fees Permit fee