Pacific Heights – 8 Unit – Seismic Retrofit

About the Project

Initial set-up and move-in - Protection (where applicable) - Daily and on-going clean-up Review and progress checked at separate phases/stages - Safety reviews - Project cleaning On-site Management & Coordination: Subcontractor scheduling & coordination, inspection times, client & architect meetings * Demolition, Excavation and removal of Debris Temporary Facilities - Porto-toilet Rental Allowance 8' of No. 4 type shear apllication 2 No. HDU8 C 8 No. Dowel Drill and Epoxy Grade beam and Concrete Sheetrock work Paint and prime were aplicable Demolition 1no. Debris boxes Type X Fire sheetrock installed and mudded 8' of No. 2 type shear apllication 8 no. 5/8' sill bolting 1 No. HDU8 Hold-downs 8 No. Dowel Drill and Epoxy 60 no. A35 teco's 2 no. LPT4 teco's 4 No. 6x6 Posts 8' of 3x6 new stud wall Grade beam and Concrete 2yrds Escavation 1 half day for pumping Stucco replacement Stucco demo 1 SQF. Painting (1 prime and 2 top coats) on all sheetrock and stucco