San Francisco Interior Remodel, Addition, Deck

About the Project

Alvarado Street Design: Ground level Demolish all walls , doors , windows , on ground level as indicated on plans Upper level Demolish all walls, doors , windows , fixtures and cabinets as indicated on plans Demolish siding wall as indicated Demolish roofing as indicated Contractor to provide adequate and proper shoring to maintain safe conditions Excavation Excavate for new foundation System . Soil removal Patio Contractor to provide adequate and proper shoring to maintain safe conditions Concrete Install new concrete and rebar in interior slab per plan specs Install new concrete in perimeter foundations Rear slab under deck plus stem Framing Basement Install posts and beams per plan specs Install all structural angle brackets and Simpson hardware Install posts per plan specs Install all structural brackets and hardware per plan specs Fire Wall First floor Install posts and beams per plan specs Frame new walls per plan specs Install all structural brackets and hardware per plan specs Deck Framing Joist framing Roof framing Install all posts and beams per plan specs Frame new walls per plan specs Install all hardware per plan specs Install all shear diaphragm per plan specs Steel Structural Frames The stair not including both side railings. Grating Railings $195/ft. Approximately 40 linear feet Trellis Estimate Trellis steel fabrication Trellis Glass Down Spout Fab and installation Allowance Ipe Deck Material Installation Material provided by homeowner. Fixings can be provided separately. Reclaimed wood Decking, Installation approximately 288 Sqft 5/4" x 6" plus hidden nailing system Reclaimed wood Decking, Installation approximately 60 linear feet 3no. 5/4 x3.5 to be biscuit jointed plus hidden nailing system Reclaimed wood, Handrail Cap Installation approximately 40 linear feet 2"x 6" plus hidden nailing system Reclaimed wood, underneath bay window Attach Reclaimed wood slates to trellis Plumbing 1. Kitchen Remodel – Island Sink • Install rough plumbing to accommodate the new kitchen sink will include approved venting and clean outs to accommodate dishwasher with approved valves • Install accessible clean out on stack vent for island sink • Install plumbing for the refrigerator ice box (with accessible shut off valve) • Install gas line for the new location of the gas stove with accessible shut-off in adjacent cabinet (to be flush with the back of the cabinet) and air pressure tested 1. Rain Water Leader • Plumber to insure existing stack is accessible with clean outs – Contractor to install scuppers and down spouts Note Regarding Ground Water System (French Drain): After discussion with the homeowner Ray, he decided not to have a sand trap installed as required per SF Code to collect ground water, which transfers to the main drain line. He has indicated that he will install trench draining system and tie into the existing system in the backyard after the inspection on the foundation $11 637,60 Add outside faucet at deck level on both levels Owner supplies all new plumbing fixtures Electrical Item Amount Electrical Permits and fees plus 2 city inspections Ufor ground and add additional inspection Add sub panel and circuits for remodel Demo (allowance) Demo material (allowance) Wire and install 1 way switch Wire and install 3-way switch Wire and install 110V outlet Wire and install GFI Wire and install Island GFI Wire and install exterior GFI Wire and install exterior light fixture Wire and install dedicated 110V 20A circuit (Kitchen) Wire and install light fixture Wire, supply, and install smoke carbon monoxide detector Wire and install under cabinet lighting Wire and install over cabinet lighting Wire and install exterior Led lighting on back deck Wire speaker Dimmer upgrade Lutron 600watt 3 way white Including electrical permit Notes for electrical estimate Estimate is based on plans dated Estimate is based on all walls being open Contractor to provide all site protection and remove all debris Contractor to cut and patch all sheetrock Estimate does not include light fixtures interior or exterior Estimate does not include recessed lights trims or lamps Estimate does not include fire rated boxes Estimate does not include timers or occupancy sensor's Estimate is based on using white decorah style switches, outlets and cover plates Allowance of one hour for hanging light fixtures and wall sconces any time beyond will be additional, i.e., Chandelier Estimate does not include service upgrade Owner will supply, light fixtures and dimmers PG+E fees not included. Mechanical Re - do existing ductwork to accommodate remodel. Supply & Install new 10 inch spiral duct over existing duct in studio area. Supply & Install 3 new take off booth and commercial style register in studio area. Supply & Install new supply toe kick in the kitchen, register to right back of kitchen, register to new livable area. Supply & Install new vent for oven hood to outside. Unless otherwise stated any item not specified above is not included in quoted price Insulation R13 Provide and install 584 sqft R13 insulation @ remodeled exterior walls as indicated on plans R30 Supply and install Closed cell insulation at new addition ceiling ( approx. 200 sq. ft.) Sheet rock and mud Provide and install 1 layer 5/8 with level 4 finish walls and ceiling as indicated on plans All remodel areas as indicated on plans to include type X Tile Kitchen Back Splash Install new tile backsplash on east wall ( 25 sq. ft. ) Tile supplied by homeowner Cabinets Kitchen Install kitchen cabinets Full Overlay Doors With Blumotion Euro Hinges Blum Tandembox With Blumotion For Drawers Blum Aventos Lift For Refrigerator and Glass Door Uppers Pre-Finished Maple Plywood Interiors Paint-Grade Conversion Varnish Finish per plans Clear Finish Walnut Veneer Base Cabinets per plans Custom toe Kick for register Cabinet Conversion Varnish Finish per plans Estimate for Tandembox drawers based on Blum Standard Gray profiles. Stainless Steel profile upgrade approx. $75 more per drawer. Solid Walnut Counter Top West Elev Materials Fabrication Finishing Installation Total Appliance installation Install all kitchen appliances Finish Carpentry Baseboard allowance $1.20 a linear foot Provide new flat stock baseboard through out new addition Allowance Trim interior and exterior window and door allowance is $1.20 linear foot Allowance Finish carpentry Labor cost Casings & trim: Door and Window trim, baseboards, Allowance Installation - Cabinet pulls and Kitchen hardware Plank treatment on the ceiling in the nook - Paint grade - T&G Allowance Paint Prep and paint interior and exterior of addition Priming and 2 coats of paint ID#1 2 double fire doors, 2'6" x 7' totaling 5" in width Install trim double fire doors Family Nook outswing Bi-fold 102'x96" Pleated Screen ID#5 102" x 96" 3 GLASS PANELS install Art Studio outswing Bi-fold 102"x84" Pleated Screen ID#6 102"x84" 3 GLASS PANELS install Delivery Crating fee Owner supplies hardware 1 Art Studio Marvin Clad Ultimate Double Hung - Next Generation 3no. ID#1 34" x 68" - 3 no. - Clad Ultimate Double hung - Art Studio - Install 2 Kitchen Marvin Clad Ultimate Double Hung - Next Generation 1no. ID#2 34" x 72" - 1 no. - Clad Ultimate Double hung - kitchen - Install 3 Family Nook Marvin Clad Ultimate Double Hung - Next Generation 2no. ID#3 24" x 78" - 2 no. - Clad Ultimate Double hung - Family Nook - Install 4 Family Nook Marvin Clad Ultimate Double Hung - Next Generation 2no. ID#4 34" x 78" - 2 no. - Clad Ultimate Double hung - Family Nook - Install Siding Install a cove 10' Siding on the exposed side and Hardy plank on east side includes type X sheetrock under siding Supply and install scaffold Roof Pumice roof of gravel over membrane roofing New vent roof penetrations Copper standing seam roof on west elevation Change Order March 23rd Widening of foundation stem walls to 10" on both sides Laborer 12hrs, rate $40 per hour Carpenter load 12hrs, rate $70 per hour additional concrete involved approx. 1 yard Change Order April 3rd Additional excavation at east perimeter foundation Additional Concrete at east perimeter foundation Change Order April 15-17th Initial Excavation Junior , Laborer 24hrs, Debris removal Change Order April 30th Concrete Demolition and additional concrete Carpenter lead 40hrs, Laborer 40hrs, Debris Removal Additional Concrete involved approximately 3 yards Change Order May 21st, Form modification requested by Ray Project Manager (Adrian) 5hrs, Carpenter 5hrs, Laborer 5hrs, Still waiting for material invoice. Will invoice later Change Order May 22nd Xypex waterproofing agent Architectural Steel Galvanizing GALVANIZE PRIMED STEEL STAIR W/ HANDRAILS @ BOTH SIDES OF STAIRS GALVANIZE STEEL GRATING 3/FT X 12/FT GALVANIZE FINISH GLAVANIZE PRIMED STEEL GUARDRAILS, 42" HIGH APPROX 21/FT, 12" HIGH APPROX 12/FT GALVANIZE TRELLIS FRAME ONLY ("T" BARS) 5 PCS @ 5/FT LONG EA GALVANIZE STRUCTURAL COLUMN AND BEAMS Carpentry, leveling floors and ceilings Level floors and ceilings Install rips on floor in existing kitchen joists to level floor and install new plywood sub floor. Install rips on joists in existing kitchen to match ceiling in new addition Fur down joists in basement to match new addition Additional sheet rock for ceilings in kitchen and art studio Materials 3/4 inch t & g plywood 2x4 liquid nails, nails Change order dated 6/25/15 Additional work to joists Cut tops of existing joists where necessary to accommodate new flooring and sister on new 2x10 joists. Sister 2 new joists to in the ceiling underneath office Materials 2x10 SD's lag screw joist hangers etc. Additions to the scope July 15th Demolition of ceilings and Floors Excavation for French Drain and debris removal Architectural Steel Shop Drawings Powder Coating Cost of powder coating trellis Cost of powder coating stairs and railing Cost of powder coating structural elements Retaining walls and steps Labor and Material Pump French drain system, this only include the perforation pipe work and Meradrain. It does not include pumps and hard pipe work to sewer Labor and Material Two small catch basins. One for the sand Trap and the other for the pump Labor and Material Large storage tank, approximately 3'x2' by 4' deep Labor and Material Pocket door Frame for pocket door and frame in wall for pantry. Install pocket door frame, hang door trim out and install hardware Materials Pocket door frame allowance Framing materials