28th Ave, 6 Unit Seismic Retrofit

About the Project

Protect floors and owners items where stucco work to be preformed DEMOLISION Cut Concrete and dig out for grade beams Removal of stucco to accommodate for 2 grade beams and various hold-down installation. Demo stucco in ceiling to accommodate for blocking beside shear walls. Demo portions of stucco to verify shear wall nailing on grid lines C.5 and D.5 Dump fees CONCRETE One grade beam 25 'long 2'x2'6'' One grade beam 11 'long 2'x2'6'' Epoxy in treaded bar for 6 hold downs and installation of hold downs Dowel, drill and epoxy rebar to existing concrete at column locations Finish concrete CARPENTRY Install blocking on grid lines A5,C5 and D5 Install blocking on gridlines E.5 Install hold-down on gridlines A.5 as per plan Install nailer on top of channel steel on gridline E. 5 Note bolting of existing walls to foundation not accounted for . STEEL Fabrication and material 4 Columns HSS 7 x 7 x 1/2 with base plates and AB WT6 x 25 top connection 2 C10 x 20 Beams with holes for wood attachment Clips for attaching to columns and Bolts Shop Drawings/ verifying of field conditions $15 534,00 Installation of columns and Beams - excluding wood attachment Includes welding of rebar to base plates and bolting of steel to steel connections only $14 313,60 Job Conditions A Sub footing must be paced with anchor bolts for leveling and jacking B We must have access clearance to leveling nuts C We must have clear access to site and though structure to erect steel Exclusions: Item 3 Non Destructive testing costs 5 Coordination with other trades 6 Printed shop drawings, shop drawings to be provided in digital form only. 7 Retainage, liquidated damages, bonds, escalation costs, inspection and testing costs. 8 Shipment are base on truckload quantities, large loads and multiple deliveries are not included Total STUCCO To install moisture barrier paper and stucco wire on all the areas that are opened to preform seismic strengthening To reinstall stucco to match as close as possible to the areas that are opened to preform seismic strengthening PAINTING Paint stucco repairs MATERIALS 2x4 Douglas Fur 2x6 Douglas Fur 2x12 Douglas Fur Epoxy HDU2 HGA 10KT A35 Treaded bar, nuts and washers 16d nails Sds screws STEEL # 4 Rebar stirrups # 6 Rebar 10 # 4 L shaped 24''x12'' 60 3 '' Dobbie's 8 rolls of tie wire CONCRETE AND PUMP 7 cubic yards of concrete Pump