Our values


Mulhall Construction is communication

Mulhall Construction believes that communication is the key to delivering success — the best way of making sure everyone is happy and all elements are covered. It is our practice to acknowledge all inquiries in a clear and prompt manner. Regular site meetings will be scheduled at least once a week to ensure that everyone has a chance to communicate face-to-face and also ensure that clients have hands-on control. In addition to the client/contractor relation, all of our employees and subcontractors have collaborated for years and all have good working relationships and communication.

Sustainable services

We, at Mulhall Construction, are very much aware of the impact that construction has on our environment. It is our job to reduce this impact in as many areas of construction as possible. We provide a sustainable consultancy service to optimize energy efficiency in existing buildings to ensure the development is built with maximum energy conservation.

We will collect and review all the potential areas to improve the energy efficiency of buildings and therefore reducing CO2 emissions.

Areas include:

  • Increased fabric insulation
  • Improved air tightness
  • Effective heating and hot water systems
  • Energy efficient lighting
  • Use of sustainable alternative energy sources


Care for the environment is at the forefront of everyone’s minds. At Mulhall Construction, we take our responsibilities to the environment seriously. Through our experience, we are making an effort to improve our environmental awareness practices in order to lessen the negative impact on the world.

Recycling materials, using GREEN renewable products, disposal of waste materials in a responsible and environmentally conscious manner are just some of the ways in which we try and do our part.

Running a company should not be any different as to how we run our homes  in a careful and responsible manner sensitive to those around us and with a goal to improve.